KITEISCAT Extra Large Elegant Acacia Wooden Salad Bowl Set with Salad Serving Utensils

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Extra-large Capacity: The salad bowls large serving offers ample space, perfect for family gatherings or parties.

Glass Salad Serving Bowl: This elegant and transparent design makes your salad look even more appealing, enhancing your dining aesthetics.

Acacia Wood Base: Provides a sturdy foundation for the large salad serving bowl, protects your table surface from scratches, and adds a natural rustic charm.

Acacia Wood Salad Serving Utensils: Crafted from premium acacia wood, these utensils offer comfortable use, making mixing and serving your salad effortless.

Easy to Clean: The glass salad bowls large serving are dishwasher-safe, the solid wood base requires no special cleaning, and the serving tools are recommended to be hand washed to maintain their natural beauty and prolong their lifespan.